Event Catering theme ideas for every Generation

Event Catering theme ideas for every Generation

Oct 13, 2022 277

A terrific approach to amp up the enjoyment at your event is to incorporate a catering theme. A good idea doesn't always come to you, though.


Food is an important component of any event, regardless of its size. People will talk about a well-run event for days afterwards. Similar to this, having the correct explanation will not stop people from talking, but they will do so for the incorrect causes. If you want to make your event stand out from the crowd when it comes to catering, you must be inventive. A pleasant ambience can be created by incorporating a catering theme into your event, especially if you're an event planner who needs to stay on top of all the newest culinary trends. Additionally, it's not always easy to come up with an excellent idea.


To make the party unique, choose a catering theme that appeals to your attendees' generation. Whether they are members of Generation Z or Baby Boomers, each generation has its preferences, requirements, and desires. You can modify your event catering menu to better suit the demands of your customers by taking these factors into consideration.


  •  Themes for catering for Zers Generation


People who belong to Generation Zers, or those who were born after the middle of the 1990s, like receiving everything they want. Social media is also popular with Gen Zers, and they don't recall a time when they didn't have access to it.

Catering Theme

If you're planning an event for Gen Zers, take one of these themes into consideration:


Cooking life: Plan the catered event around Chef Action Stations, which will give guests the perfect setting for taking photos and remembering the special moments.


Fast food Party: Create a fast food-inspired, gourmet catering menu that is presented similarly to a fast food party.


  • Themes for Catering for Millennial Generation


People born between the late 1970s and the mid-1990s are known as millennials. They are motivated and well-versed in technology. They take pride in having their accomplishments acknowledged, but they also value finding a healthy balance between work and leisure.

millenial generation

If your event is oriented toward Millennials, you may choose an event catering menu that features ballpark fare and set up interactive sports games to inspire competition:


Play ball: Your event catering menu should include the upmarket ballpark fare, and interactive interactions should be planned to promote great participation.


Pyjama Party breakfast: Think of having a pyjama party breakfast where guests can come in their jammies and eat any meal they want.


  • Themes for catering for Gen X


The Generation X generation, or those born between the middle of the 1960s and the late 1970s, value diversity and culture. Gen Xers value options and, where possible, want to make their own decisions.


Try one of these themes to create a memorable event for Gen Xers:


Around-the-world party: Tailor the catering to highlight dishes from a variety of global locales, and decorate accordingly.


A Lavish buffet: Choose an event catering menu that is in the form of a buffet and includes as many options and alterations as you can.


  • Themes for catering for baby boomers


Born before the middle of the 1960s, a baby boomer is competitive and determined, yet they also wish to contribute significantly to society. Both their personal and familial histories as well as their communities are very important to them.

baby booomer

For a Baby Boomer party, pick one of the following themes:


Go retro: Plan the catering for the occasion to feature retro-inspired comfort food options.


Give back: Create a philanthropic event catering menu that features delicious food and a raffle that benefits a nearby nonprofit organisation.


Tips for catering options for every generation


1. Serve superfood bowls that are composed entirely of whole foods. These can be bought in tiny bowls or created from scratch. Use affordable items for the base, such as sweet potatoes and wholesome grains.


2. In a sizable mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients for the caramel apple bar. Sliced or entire farm-fresh apples combined with warm, gooey caramel are a perennial favourite. Sprinkles, tiny chocolate chips, ground nuts, mini marshmallows, and Nutella can all be used as dipping ingredients.


3. Present mini cinnamon rolls flavoured with pumpkin spice. Any baked goods made with pumpkin and spices will be excellent and affordable.


4. Enjoy some of the Thanksgiving dishes that are more affordable. On a tight budget, apple pies, sweet potato sundaes, and green bean casseroles add festive flavour to your celebration.


5. It's simple to make fruit tarts. For large events, they can easily be cut into a great number of tiny pieces and are aesthetically pleasing.


6. Combine savoury and sweet flavours. There's a reason why we enjoy dishes like grilled cheese, tomato soup, and candied bacon. Here are a few reasonably priced apple-based dishes.


7. Use creamy sauces to increase the filling power of food. Pasta, mushrooms, and potatoes all get a little extra flavour from cream- or even cheese-based sauces.


8.Prioritize football snacks. Every Super Bowl party needs chips, dips, and finger foods, and your guests will love them. Keep it basic if you want to keep everything looking beautiful.


Do you need any more theme recommendations? The best catering companies understand how to put on an entertaining, memorable event and may suggest a theme that will make your gathering the talk of the neighbourhood. If you work with the greatest caterers, you won't have any trouble pleasing all of your guests, regardless of their generation.


The experts at Maharaja Catering, who has more than a year of experience serving clients all over India and are considered one of the best catering companies, know how to organise an enjoyable event and can make suggestions for a theme that will make your gathering the talk of the City region.


No matter what generation your guests are, you won't have any trouble making them happy with Maharaja Catering. Contact us online or give our office a call now for scrumptious, high-quality food and service that complements your event catering theme.

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