Try out some amazing Indian winter dishes to keep yourself warm in this winter season

Try out some amazing Indian winter dishes to keep yourself warm in this winter season

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India is proud of the diversity of its cultures and cuisines, and this is also true of its winter fare. As winter approaches and appetites soar, it's time to stock up on delicious, comforting delicacies that are made especially for the cold weather. Count the calories in the freshly cooked Indian winter dishes platters!

Here is a collection of mouthwatering Indian winter dishes:

Gajar Ka Halwa

The well-known Gajar ka Halwa is the wintertime treat that every home makes. Simply by gazing at the glistening, scalding hot halwa, you begin to salivate. The top-layer dry fruits are excellent in addition. Gajar ka halwa is a dish that is worth the wait throughout the year because the best carrot fruit is only accessible in the winter.

Methi Pakora

It's vital to take advantage of the chance to eat pakoras while sipping a hot cup of chai in the winter when the greatest methi produce is readily available. One can consume as many methi pakoras as one wants. In the winter after this one, you may consume as much food as you wish.


Hours are spent on undhiyu cuisine preparation, but the result is well worth the effort. This hearty Gujrati dish for the winter is created with a variety of vegetables, fenugreek, lots of ghee, and spices. Undhiyu, a dish that is a shining example of a nutritious Indian winter dish, is not one of these foods. Typically, winter dishes are fatty and decadent.

Rogan Josh

Rogan josh is a delectable mutton recipe. The delectably rich dish will warm your insides and make you feel very cosy when it is served sizzling hot. When paired with some flavorful roti or jeera rice, this dish may be transformed into a delicious, hearty supper.

Sarson Ka Saag

Another popular and delectable wintertime Punjabi dish is Sarson ka Saag, which is cooked with green sarson leaves and is best consumed with Makke ki roti. This classic Indian winter dish would be incomplete without a pat of white butter on top. In addition to its mouthwatering flavour, saag is incredibly nutritious. Sarson ka Saag, which mothers are happy to serve you, is something you can't help but devour.


Panjiri is a delicious wheat dish cooked with ghee, sugar, and a tonne of almonds. You may keep eating it without realising how much you've eaten. When the goodness of ghee and nuts will keep you glowing and healthy throughout the winter, why limit yourself to just one serving? This Indian winter dish has developed a distinct personality among Indians.


You may stay warm and cosy with this steaming hot veggie bowl of thukpa, an Indo-Tibetan noodle soup with a delicious broth. There are different varieties; the Nepalese Thukpa is spicy, while other dishes are milder with only a trace of garam spice. In the winter, noodle soup is a delicious bowl of comfort food and the most recognisable dish from India. It also appeals to the palate.

Nolen Gur Sandesh, Rasgulla, and Rasmalai

Date palm jaggery, which is only available in the winter, is a treat for Bengali sweet lovers. The Nolen Gur Sandesh, Rasmalai, and Rasgulla are divine! The perfect remedy for your sweet-winter desires is the mouth-watering sweetness of the mithai, paired with some delicious Rabri or Rasmalai. The most popular Indian winter dish is a classic Bengali dish.

Samarkand Rabdi

Samarkand Rabdi, an Indian winter dish specially prepared with sweet potatoes, is one of my all-time favourite desserts. It has significant nutritional value because of the large amounts of milk, sweet potato, saffron, and cardamom that are used in it. Since sweet potatoes are a great alternative for individuals who are health conscious, wrap yourself in your covers and enjoy this dish, which is so delicious.

Gond  Ka Ladoo

Gond Ka Ladoo's major component is edible gum made from tree bark. You can enjoy this dessert all year long and reap its benefits for its unique nutritional qualities to fend off the winter chill. Because the Ladoo is meant to be hot and warm you from the inside out, it can keep you warm. After preparation, it can be maintained for quite some time, sometimes even for months.

Carrot Poriyal

It is a South Indian variation of the Poriyal bean dish. The preparation calls for fresh, mouthwateringly delicious carrots. Carrots are stir-fried together with a tonne of other ingredients, including cumin seeds, freshly shredded coconut, and some chilli paste. Because the sweetness of the carrots and the spice of the chillies are well balanced, it makes a wonderful side dish for any Indian meal.


The ideal crisp treat is an almond and jaggery-based Indian snack that is healthful. You can replace your chocolates with this healthy treat. It can be consumed as a delightful dessert, a snack, or simply something to gnaw on while waiting. A chikki a day will undoubtedly keep the wintertime chills at bay.


Lapsi is a common breakfast treat in Gujarat and some regions of Rajasthan. Different lapse types are available in different parts of the country. The dish is overflowing with ghee, raisins, broken wheat, and dried fruits. It is an excellent breakfast treat to enjoy all day.


Curry made with beef, mutton, or chicken broth is known as nihari and is frequently eaten for breakfast. This lavish, delectable breakfast is made using puris and the spicy Indian winter dish that is made the night before. To make the beef in the dish tender and melt-in-your-mouth tender, it is cooked all night. It is simply too good to pass up and takes hours to produce. Such a sumptuous lunch can only be afforded on a frigid winter morning.

Til Pitha

Desserts in Assam include til pitha. It's a special kind of pancake filled with sesame seeds and jaggery. Since the best jaggery is available in India during the winter, pitha is prepared and served best as an Indian winter meal. It has a soft and crispy texture and is excellent any time of day.


A winter beverage with a chilli base called raab has exactly the right amount of sweetness and millet flour. Raab is effective at boosting defences. The taste is immediately followed by an ice sensation. But once you take a sip of the Gujrati and Rajasthani people's traditional beverage, it's impossible to stop.

Malai Makhan

From October to March, Malai Makhan, also known as Khimish or Daulat ki Chaat, is in season. Milk and cream are whipped into a light froth to create this beverage. Although it is heavy in preparation, the flavour is lighter. Finally, khoya, saffron or dry fruits are used as decorations. It complements a hearty breakfast in the mornings when it is chilly.

Beetroot Thoran

The perfect addition to any rice meal is beetroot Thora, a South Indian winter dish packed with tons of flavour and nutrition. After the Thoran has been cooked with the chillies and Haldi, the beetroot is stir-fried with the spices. This dinner is known as an Indian winter dish because of its perfect harmony of sweetness and spice, which is the best remedy for the chills.


Gushtaba, the most well-known dish from Kashmiri cuisine, must go through several stages of preparation before being served. Rejecting the Gushtaba would be an insult to the host. In a Kashmiri restaurant, the savoury—which consists of curd- and royal spice-cooked minced mutton balls—usually takes the place of the dessert. The Gushtaba, which is served after dinner, is incredibly full and rich—perfect for winter and among the best winter foods in India!

Paya Shorba

Non-vegetarians love the wintertime Indian delicacy Paya Shorba, a mutton soup! A simple but soothing dish is a soup made with lamb trotters and fragrant seasonings. India likes this meal in the winter since it is so easy to prepare and makes the perfect bowl of hot soup.

The best Indian winter dishes are now known to you, keeping you warm. Don't miss the opportunity to eat as many winter treats as you can to prevent having to wait until the next season.

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