How to Plan Healthy Wedding Menu For Diet-Conscious Wedding Guests?

How to Plan Healthy Wedding Menu For Diet-Conscious Wedding Guests?

Dec 25, 2022 335

People's diets have altered dramatically in recent years as a result of more effort being made to maintain health and physical fitness. They have greatly reduced their use of processed food and junk food and are now concentrating on eating healthily. Are you preparing for a wedding soon and considering how to accommodate your guests who follow a strict diet? So, you're in the correct place! For you diet-conscious guests, we have carefully planned a whole Healthy Wedding Menu that features only tasty, nutritious, and healthy food options, straight from the appetisers to the dessert! Here are the top 12 most distinctive dishes for a Healthy Wedding Menu:

Watermelon Strawberry Ginger and Mint Cooler Drink for a Healthy Wedding Menu:

Looking for a welcome drink that will revive your diet-conscious wedding guests? If so, we have the ideal beverage for you! This delightful watermelon and strawberry cooler is not only extremely healthy and low in calories, but it also has a hint of ginger and is topped with mint leaves. This drink has a sweet and tangy flavour from the watermelon and strawberry, and it also has a fresh, energising flavour from the mint and ginger. Your guests who are on a strict diet will adore it if you serve it chilled with ice cubes!


Badaam milk For a Healthy Wedding Menu

Badam Milk | Almond Milk - Aarti Madan

Although it may seem like a large drink that may be difficult to swallow, it is incredibly healthy, being high in proteins and low in calories.


A fruit counter for a Healthy Wedding Menu:

This idea will work perfectly and won't let down your diet-conscious friends if you're looking for an appetiser! Fruits are one of the finest foods for those who are watching their diet since they are a fantastic source of nutrients and because they are low in calories and carbohydrates. For your diet-conscious wedding guests, you can prepare a fruit plate as an appetiser that includes a variety of fruits that are in season. A fruit tray is not only aesthetically pleasing but also delicious! Include this exciting new catering concept on your Healthy Wedding Menu, please!


Grilled vegetable skewers for a Healthy Wedding Menu

We have another fantastic savoury appetiser to counteract the sweetness of the fruits. Vegetables are another food item that is nutrient-dense, extremely low in calories, and virtually completely free of carbs, making it another ideal food for people who are watching their diets. Your diet-conscious wedding guests will love the grilled vegetable skewer you serve as an appetiser! There are a variety of vegetables you can choose from that you can add. You can prepare a different area of skewers with grilled chicken, eggs, and veggies for those who follow a non-vegetarian diet. This is one of the healthiest wedding appetisers that is incredibly simple to make and is so unbelievably delicious that your guests won't be able to get enough of it!


Cheese and Tomato Crostini for a Healthy Wedding Menu:

We also offer you a very well-liked Italian appetiser called cheese and tomato crostini. It is a really easy, no-bake appetiser that is tasty, extremely healthful, and low in calories. A thin slice of grilled or toasted whole wheat or multigrain bread serves as the base, while chopped tomatoes, cheese, and herbs like mint and oregano are added on top. By including grilled chicken and an egg in this crostini, you can create a different area for your non-vegetarian guests. This appetiser is delicious and perfectly healthy for guests who are watching their diets. They will love it! It will give your typical appetisers a nice twist!


Veggies Overload Soup for Healthy Wedding Menu

Almost everyone like soup, which makes it a fantastic way to begin the main meal. Nearly every sort of soup is delectable and healthy, and there are countless variations and flavours available. We bring you a soup called "vegetable overload" that is made especially for diet-conscious wedding guests. The excessive amount of veggies makes it the ideal supper, packed with tonnes of vitamins, minerals, and fibre that are not only satisfying but also nutritious and delicious! When you include this soup on your Healthy Wedding Menu, guests who are watching their weight will leave feeling completely satisfied!

Tawa roti and tawa daal/chicken curry

Dinner - Chicken , Tawa roti & Dal Khichdi - Picture of Sunny's Retreat,  Lonavala - Tripadvisor

Given how difficult it is to give up dal makhani and butter chicken, this may be the hardest decision to make. The latter may have three times as many calories as the healthier alternatives, therefore there is a significant variation in the number of calories. These days, there is always a live tawa food kiosk at weddings, and it isn't just for the family elders.


Rasgulla Recipe / Bengali Sponge Roshogolla - Easy Indian Cookbook

Brownie and rasgulla are your best bets, however, we'd advise skipping dessert if you don't like sweets. But keep in mind not to eat more than one slice of either.


Chickpeas and Vegetable Salad for a Healthy Wedding Menu:

We now go on to the main course after discussing the welcome drink, starters, and appetisers. For the main course, we're serving you a dish of chickpeas and vegetable salad, which is straightforward but jam-packed with nutrients. The bulk of the diet of those who are concerned about their weight includes chickpeas, which are an excellent source of protein. Vegetables are included in this dish in addition to chickpeas, enhancing its nutritious value and flavour. To add more flavour, toss this salad with your favourite dressing or olive oil. For your diet-conscious wedding guests, this is the main dish that is packed with nutrients and will make them happy with your pick.


Roasted dry fruit chaat For your Healthy Wedding Menu

Plant- Based Vegan Dry Fruit Chaat | Indian Style Dry Fruit Bhel Recipe

You must not miss out on this very healthy snack. Its dish is filled with a wholesome mixture of pasta, peanuts, raisins, sweet potatoes, cashews, pomegranates, and even makhanas. Because it is so filling, you won't be as tempted to overindulge.

Chicken/paneer tikka

Paneer Tikka Kebabs, Broiler, Air Fryer, Oven or BBQ - Krumpli

Go for the tikkas if you still have room for another snack. They are quite healthy, so ask the chef to avoid larding or brushing them with oil if you want to maintain them that way. Never eat more than two to three pieces of each combined in either circumstance.


Berry Yoghurt Parfait for Healthy Wedding Menu:

The dessert is the last and most anticipated course on our menu! The berry yoghurt parfait is the ideal dessert we've created for your diet-conscious guests. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and mulberries are stacked with yoghurt and oats in this delicacy. With the exception of the sweetness that solely comes from the berries, the dessert is entirely sugar-free. Yoghurt gives this delicacy an oh-so-creamy texture, while granola adds the ideal amount of crunch. This scrumptious treat is once more nutrient-rich thanks to the richness of the berries, yoghurt, and oats! What more could diet-conscious wedding guests possibly want?



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