The Best Wedding Catering hacks to Cut Costs and save on Your

The Best Wedding Catering hacks to Cut Costs and save on Your

Oct 03, 2022 289

As the day will be permanently carved in your memory, having the wedding of your dreams is not just a want, but a requirement. And what could be better than spoiling yourself on your special day with cuisine from throughout the world? It is practically hard to accommodate everyone's preferences amid the chaos of weddings. Allow the Maharaja wedding caterers to handle taking care of your guests' meals while you focus on designing the ideal attire and lines at the altar. Most significantly, if you want to have the wedding of your dreams, you'll need to save up for years because of your budget. We are here to handle all of your wedding food catering requirements and to make sure that every menu for your wedding festivities is created and customised exactly how you want it to be and even better!


A quick calculation will reveal that India's food service consumes the majority of the budget. The majority of these comparatively huge costs are typically used for wedding catering, which includes appetisers, dinner, drinks, snacks and finger foods. Fortunately, there are a few practical wedding catering hacks that can help you save a few thousand rupees on the cost of wedding food catering without sacrificing the standard of your special day!


We've compiled tips from the top wedding caterers to show you where you can make savings for a budget-friendly yet gorgeous wedding that will be remembered! After all, we're sure you could use the additional few thousand rupees to spend on a pleasant, stress-free honeymoon.


1. Go vegan for the wedding menu.


Choosing a 100% vegan wedding menu will save you money by preventing you from having to provide additional food materials for your guests, whether or not you consume an organic diet yourself. Vegetarian, Halal, Pescetarian, Kosher, Flexitarian, etc. diets are all acceptable on a vegan diet. To make sure the food is suitable for everyone, you might even select a fully gluten-free menu.

Vegan Food

The first hack from all wedding catering hacks is also fantastic for demonstrating to guests how flexible and exciting food preferences can be!


2.  Choose vegan caterers for your wedding.

Vegan Food

Selecting vegan wedding caterers is a must if you've decided on vegan cuisine! You'll generally save money by hiring a 100% vegan caterer because non-vegan caterers will need to purchase items they don't typically use (such as aquafaba, nooch, etc.).


3. Put on a stand-up dinner (buffet style)

Buffet System

Anyone who has looked into wedding food catering will know that there are several designs to fit your preferences and selected spending limit. The least expensive option is a buffet because fewer caterers will be required to serve the food, and you'll spend less on furniture rental and table settings. Your guests will be encouraged to mingle by this entertaining substitute for a sit-down supper, plus they'll get to choose whatever dish they prefer!


4.  Try having a zero-waste wedding.


Zero-waste wedding food catering may be the solution for you if you want to cut costs or lessen your environmental impact (or both). Some caterers collaborate with groups to decrease food waste, so they occasionally have access to delicious food surplus that is appropriate for catering.

zero waste

A wedding meal with a seemingly random selection of foods can be interesting and fun, and it might even motivate some of your guests to fight food waste! Just keep in mind that, despite being a less expensive alternative than having your caterer utilize "quality" foods, rescuing food from the landfill comes at a price. However, it's unquestionably inexpensive!


5.  BYOB


You may buy your wedding drinks in quantity and save a tonne of money by picking a venue that lets you bring your alcohol (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)! Additionally, you could even return your wine or liquor bottles if you don't finish them all before the big occasion. Instead, discuss this wedding catering tip with your caterer; they could be pleased to arrange it for you.



6. Select only a few wedding bars

Wedding Bar

Although open bars are a common option at weddings, they can be incredibly pricey! Instead of choosing a cash bar, why not simply restrict the open bar options to a few types of alcohol and

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