How to set a modest Menu for a High Tea Party?

How to set a modest Menu for a High Tea Party?

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A high tea party is a fantastic event that may be both informal and formal. A high tea party is a place to unwind whether you are meeting potential clients or enjoying a casual get-together with your pals. It's your moment to wow your visitors and showcases your party-planning prowess, especially if you're the host.


Although it might seem easy, planning a menu for high tea parties is difficult. You must think of a simple yet delicious dish that is easy for your visitors to handle and is not messy. Because visitors won't be seated the entire time at a high tea party, there will be a lot of meetings and greeting. Maharaja Catering is available to assist. We specialise in developing a tempting menu for high tea parties and have served food at hundreds of them in and around India. To get you started, here are a few concepts we've thought of.


What do you understand about High Tea?


Contrary to popular belief, high tea is not a formal affair served in beautiful china as advertised by many hotels and eateries. After a long day of labour, high tea was traditionally a more relaxed, working-class supper that included robust meals. No finger sandwiches with no crust here! Instead, high tea frequently featured hearty meat dishes, potatoes, and baked beans. The term "high" alludes to the high-backed dining room chairs, as opposed to the low-backed armchair or sofa that is frequently used for afternoon tea. Even though both occasions revolve around drinking tea, the two ideas are very dissimilar.

The misconception is caused by the fact that many upmarket hotels and eateries frequently abuse the term "high tea." Today, the terms high tea and afternoon tea are frequently used interchangeably.


The Venue


A specific setting and mood are necessary for a high tea party. Even though having the celebration outside is customary, keep in mind that we want it to be in a classy yet informal environment. There are numerous methods to arrange a place so that your visitors feel at ease and comfortable.

Also, keep in mind that the caterers need room to set up the tables and move the services. As a result, the size of the venue will also affect the high tea party menu. Make sure there is enough room for attendees to move around if you are planning the party indoors. If you anticipate a larger crowd, a lawn or garden outdoors is a fantastic choice.


The appetiser and Welcome drink


Offering a cocktail or mocktail and matching it with a snack is one of the simplest ways to greet your guests when they arrive. For instance, you may offer your visitors a drink and an appetiser like crackers, almonds, and olives. They will feel welcomed and get a preview of what's to come from this.

For a high tea party, canapés, tray bakes, savoury pastries, and nibbles are some of the most popular appetiser options. A variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, spiced wine, and soft drinks like lemonade, soda, and juice, can also be made available.


Service of tea


The traditional "Tea" that comes in between the main dish and dessert is simple to overlook. The main course and the entrees are significant, but so is the tea. Create a menu for high tea parties based on a selection of the day's best teas. It is crucial to comprehend each tea flavour and choose a menu that goes with it. Provide a variety of flavours that complement your spread. You want the tea to be as enjoyable for your guests as the delicious feast you have prepared for them will be.


The Spread


The centrepiece of a high tea celebration is the spread. Since it is a major event, you devote the greatest thought and effort to making it flawless. Make sure there is a selection of finger foods, appetisers, and sweets available. Even a variety of pieces of bread including bagels, croissants, muffins, scones, and teacakes are acceptable. Since the majority of these are finger foods, serving them is simple.

It's critical to comprehend your guests' preferences for afternoon tea. Are you serving a traditional spread of scones, cakes, and sandwiches, or are you presenting it in a more contemporary way with pastries, cookies, and cookies? You can design a menu for high tea parties to accommodate the preferences of your guests. One excellent approach to begin the spread is by laying out a variety of tea and coffee options.




Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food tastes well on sandwiches. They are a terrific method to offer diversity and are simple to prepare and serve. A variety of fillings are available, including cheese, ham, chicken, turkey, and more.

You can provide a wide variety of sandwiches, including cheese, spinach, egg, and hummus. Additional bread options include lavash, bread rolls, and bagels. Additionally, you can provide a variety of spreads like honey, jam, and peanut butter.




Scones are flexible; you may use almost any ingredient in place of the standard flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. Scones can be topped with anything, including fresh fruit, jam, icing, ice cream, yoghurt, or—if you prefer—whipped cream.


There are many different kinds of scones you can serve for a high tea celebration, including sweet and savoury varieties. They may be simple or elaborate. They might be complex with fillings or straightforward and conventional. They can be served with tea or coffee and a slice of cake for dessert or with a substantial breakfast of fruit and yoghurt.


Teacakes and Crumpets


Two of the most popular teatime foods that you must have on your menu for high tea parties are teacakes and crumpets. They are made in a tin and shaped like bread balls. After being split in half, they can be served warm or cold, both of which are delectable.

They are yeast-raised pastries that frequently have dried fruit and are sweetened. Usually, they are warmed up and eaten with a cup of tea or on their own. They're a wonderful way to end a tea party with a delicious treat that will be enjoyed by all.


Sweets and Savories

The menu for high tea parties might also include a variety of additional sweets and savoury foods. A selection of cookies, cakes, and pastries is available.


  • A terrific way to add diversity, sweetness, and crunch is through cookies. You can provide a range of cookies, including sugar, fruit, spice, chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar and poppy, sugar and chocolate chip, and sugar and fruit.


  • If you want to keep your guests of all ages entertained, serving doughnuts is a fun alternative. Kids will adore them as well because many of them enjoy doughnuts.


  • A popular finger item to put on your menu for high tea parties is french fries. They are a customary accompaniment with your tea, tea cake, or dessert.


  • Even if you don't have fresh potatoes, you can still utilise them since they may be produced from scratch or purchased frozen.


  • Additionally, adding salsa and chips to your menu might spice things up. As a finger food or as a garnish for an entrée like a taco salad, you can serve chips with salsa.


High tea events are wonderful occasions for socialising with coworkers, having fun with friends, and unwinding with family. They can also be a fun way to spend time with friends while indulging in finger foods and tea. They aid in the development of long-lasting social connections.


You can get a menu from Maharaja Catering for your upcoming high tea celebration. You will be able to alter the menu to suit your preferences and provide your guests with a wonderful experience.

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